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Les Bâtons – Caramels Français


In 2016, while he was responsible for the marketing department of a drinks company, Edward decided to give a U turn to his career and live of his passion : Confectionary.

With a determined and innovating spirit, he abandoned his life in London to pursue a chocolatier-confectionary course back in France.

After obtaining his degree and wanting to bring back confectionaries to today’s standards, Edward Van Houtte decided to launch his own range of products, starting with caramels; a product which he doesn’t think receives the attention it deserves and that he particularly enjoys eating.

This is why he launched «Les Bâtons», delicious little sticks of caramel that will make you rediscover this product.

All of our caramels are handmade in his lab with fresh products. They are then cut and wrap individually by hand.

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boîte, bâtons caramel, cabourg,côte fleurie, trouville, calvados, pays d'auge, normandie

Box of 12 caramels
15,00 €

boîte, bâtons caramel, deauville, trouville, calvados, pays d'auge, normandie

Box of 25 caramels
25,00 €

bâtons de caramel, caramel mou, confiserie, française, calvados, pays d'auge, normandie

Box of 75 caramels
50,00 €



« Les Bâtons » allows you to personalise your boxes.
You can fill it with any of our flavours :
caramel fleur de sel   Sea Salt
caramel fève de tonka   Tonka Bean
caramel fruit de la passion   Passion Fruit
caramel citron   Lemon

You only need to send an email to :


For any wedding, birthday, showroom, or event,
you can order our caramels in pots,
by the kilo or in small sachets for your guests.
For any additional information you can contact
our Sales Director Pierre:

boîte personnalisée, bâtons, caramels, confiserie

+33 6 63 37 11 55

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